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Mon. Tues. Thur, Fri 10am- 3pm

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For Service!

 Type of Loan

Apply for a loan of:

I hereby apply for the loan of for a period of months, to be repaid in installments that will be determined when submitted.

I will pay it in increments.

Application Fee: $20, paid in-person at Credit Union. Incomplete applications will be returned, thus delaying your loan.

 Personal Information

 Address Information

 Employment Information

Are you currently subject to disciplinary action?

Have you been notified of a termination of employment or layoff?

Date of Hire:

Although you are not required to reveal the receipt of alimony, child support or maintenance payments in connection with this application, describe any such or other regular income that you wish to be considered in evaluating your credit worthiness.

 Property Information

You will be required to provide your drivers license number, license plate number(s), and your name of your banks at the time of signing for your loan.

 Spouse Income Information

Complete this section if you rely on your spouse’s income for credit. Please provide us with a copy of his or her most recent pay stub.

 Credit Information/Debts

To show my ability to repay this loan and to induce you to approve this application for credit, I hereby certify that a full, complete and accurate description of all my debts and liabilities are listed below. If no debts, so state. If there is not enough room on the application for debts, please list them on a separate piece of paper and provide them to the Credit Union when visiting them in-person.

Please provide the lender, amount paid per month, and the remaining balance

 Additional Questions

Have you ever filed for Bankruptcy?

Have you ever had your car repossessed?

Have you ever had you wages attached/garnished

Have you ever had any judgments against you?

Do you plan to move out of the state during the term of this loan?

Marital Status


I am paying a month in child support, alimony, palimony or maintenance payments.

I am physically able to perform the usual duties of my livelihood

I would like Temporary Disability insurance on this loan.

I would like Credit Life insurance on this loan

 Interest Rates

The interest rates advertised are in recognition of your agreement to pay your loan through payroll deduction. If you elect to withdraw from payroll deduction or if you are not eligible for payroll deduction the discounted rate advertised will be increased by 1% to reflect the administrative cost of processing your loan payments. Please select one.